"Our goal is to help as many 

Graduate Nurses as possible, PASS NCLEX,
enter the Nursing Profession and practice safely." 
Prof. Darline Riggs MSNEd BSN RN CNE

Unique learning paths with premium courses
Highly engaging courses and test taking strategies

Quality, you can trust

We offer courses for nursing students, graduate nurses, and more.
Our instructors have the gift of teaching and the ability to help students understand the material and build critical thinking.

The intro courses are free

We offer free Test Taking Strategy courses packed with understanding Next Generation NCLEX. This helps you make sure the program is right for you.

Learn content

Learn the material like you were back in nursing school. Build a solid foundation to build critical thinking. 

Improve your clinical judgment 

The Next Generation uses the clinical judgment model within the case studies to understand and build clinical judgment for safe practice. 

Community included

If you are feeling stuck or need help with something, we have a thriving community of professionals on our discussion forums who are happy to lend a hand. You won't find that anywhere else!
We also have weekly Live Sessions for Q&A. Live online teaching sessions for learning. 

Stay Organized & Follow The Agenda 

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Who We Are

We are Christian Nurse Educators with experience in helping students PASS NCLEX

We provide high-quality online education for Nursing Students and Graduate Nurses.


We achieve to be the best online learning platform for Nursing Students, and Graduate Nurses.


To help as many Nursing Students and Graduate Nurses as possible enter the Nursing Profession and practice safely. 


Experience speaks volume. It's important to know that we, as Christian Nurse Educators, are experienced not only as a nurse but also as nurse educators teaching in the classroom. 

Our Courses By Client Needs Categories

"Prof. Riggs, you are very upbeat and positive, which makes it easy to learn!" 

A. Nelson

Why Choose riggs nclex

What we do works and
is affordable

We are Nurse Educators with over 20 years of experience. 
By choosing Riggs NCLEX for your NCLEX prep, you are opting for a full-training for NCLEX that will support you from start to finish.

Easy platform

We provide a modern, easy to use platform to that you can educate at your convenience. Download audio, listen to lectures, take quizzes, exams and access on the app.

Best Service

Learn the material and build a strong foundation for success. Learn test taking strategies, practice questions, and take diagnostic tests to see readiness. 

Simplification of the process

Our easy to follow process takes the stress out of learning. we make it fun and interactive while reaching your goal. 
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Our students love us

"You are amazing, and we are going to pass NCLEX. With your energy and vibe, we are blessed to have you." 
R. Mainah
"Thank you, Prof. Riggs, I learned something already", within 5 minutes of the course"
A. Nelson
"Prof. Riggs, your lectures are lively and straight to the point!"
O. Ugocha

"I enjoyed your this lecture, which is my first session with you. Thank you"

Mark E. 
"You are amazing, and we are going to pass NCLEX. With your energy and vibe, we are blessed to have you." 
R. Mainah
"Prof! Your class helpful. I like your analysis"
P. Mungania
"The lecture is really good and helpful. I am learning a lot from it."
"The lecture was lively and straight to the point!"
O. Ugocha