Why Choose Riggs NCLEX Tutoring?

                                                                                                          #1 We Teach The Material 

                                                                                           #2 We Teach You Test Taking Strategies 

                                                                                           # 3 We Teach You How To Take The Test

                                                                                               #4 We Stay With You Until You PASS


Greeting! I'm Prof. Darline B Riggs H.C. MSNEd BSN RN.

I am the main instructor for the NCLEX Classes and have over 14 years of Nursing experience and have directed several Nursing Programs, taught out and taken nursing programs off probation. I am looking forward to assisting you in passing your exam(s). 

                  OUR MISSION

To prepare nursing students to pass The NCLEX Examination and be safe to practice. 


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