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              About Us

Riggs NCLEX was created by Prof. Darline Riggs to offer online education and courses of instruction in nursing. Prof. Riggs is excellent at what she does and truly enjoys helping Nursing Students, and Graduate Nurses PASS NCLEX.

Our courses include full teaching of the material, test taking strategies, and critical thinking. We provide:
  • flexibility to complete courses from home or work at your own pace
  • the most up-to-date NCLEX style questions
  • Immediate results and feedback course quizzes and assessments
  • Next Generation NCLEX style questions and case studies. 



Meet Professor Darline Riggs MSNEd BSN RN 

                         Darline B Riggs has a combination of backgrounds that contributes to her expertise as a Nurse Educator. She received her Associate of Nursing Degree at Broward College, Bachelor of Nursing, Master of Nursing Degree specializing in Nursing Education from Florida Atlantic University, and an Honorary Doctorate in Christian Ministry from Trinity Theological Seminary of South Florida.

                         After becoming a nurse and spending many years at the bedside, Professor Riggs went into Community Nursing and taught nursing students in the classroom. Having taught numerous nursing courses in the classroom and gaining expert knowledge concerning the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX), Professor Riggs developed a passion for assisting nursing students in passing the NCLEX Examination.

                         According to Mrs. Riggs, "The gift of service is one of the greatest gifts." She is committed to serving her community and utilizing her talents for the betterment of all whom she encounters.

Darline Riggs


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