1st step is always to assess your knowledge base. This is the  recommendation for the following individual (s):

1. Those who graduated a long time ago. You may or may not need a full review. 

2. If you did not learn the material while you were in school. Self evaluate and be honest. 

3. If you graduated from a school with a low passing rate.

4. If you took the NCLEX a while ago. If you recently took the NCLEX, your results can be utilized as a guide to what area (s) to focus on. 

The purpose of this diagnostic test is to see if you meet benchmark in ALL 8 Client Needs Categories.

Any area below benchmark needs to be fix before you sit for the NCLEX.

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2nd most important part is to learn the material. That is why I teach it. I teach ALL the categories tested on the NCLEX. 

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2. If you are still in nursing school and need specific topics and subject areas. Click HERE. Price varies. 


3rd is to learn how to take tests including THE NCLEX Exam.


4th is to continue to test yourself and make certain that you are above benchmark in ALL categories before you sit for the NCLEX. 

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" I am looking forward to being a part of your life's chapter" Prof. Darline Riggs. God Bless.