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#1 We teach the material, like you were back in nursing school. That piece is extremely vital, especially for the Select All That Apply (SATA).


#2 We teach you how to take the test & test taking strategies. You need to know how to take this test, and how to think critically. 


#3 We test you to see your readiness. After a full review, we test you to see if you are ready. This piece is also vital, because that is how we are able to tell if you are ready for the actual NCLEX Exam. 


#4 We continue to work with you until you PASS. 


#5 ALL resources are provided. 


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Prof. Darline B Riggs H.C. MSNEd BSN RN 


Professor Riggs is the main instructor for the NCLEX Classes and has over 14 years of Nursing experience and has directed several Nursing Programs, taught out and taken nursing programs off probation.


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